What areas of Savannah do you service?

We proudly service Savannah, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island, Skidaway Island, Pooler, Bloomingdale, Garden City, and Port Wentworth,  If your area is not listed, please submit a request as service areas may expand!!

What kind of products do you use?

The products we use make a difference and we focus on the right solution for the job.  We utilize tradtional synthetic pesticides and herbicides, that when applied correctly and professionally, are safe for you and your family.  We also offer organic and green solutions for mosquito control and some pest issues.  As for lawn treatments, we do not offer organic weed control, but we do utilize bio based products and soil ammendments for your lawns health.

How much do your services cost?

The prices of our services are based around square footage and type of treatment.  Free Estimates are easily available by arial photo measurements or onsite visits.  Discounts can be added for combined services, customer referrals, and pre-pay discounts.

How do I book a service or find out more information?

To set up a treatment appointment, a free consultation (for a price estimate), or general inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly:

  1. Fill out our secure, online Contact Form
  2. By Phone: 912-433-0551
  3. By Email: service@mosquitosafeguard.com

How do I pay for services?

When you become a client, we establish your account within our software and billing system.  We safely and securely add your credit card on file to be charged after completion of service.  It's that Easy!

Can you guarantee absolutely no pests?

We do our best to eliminate mosquitos and other pests by appoximately 90%.  We are great, but nature still has the upperhand and can be unpredictable.  We stand behind our treatments and will do everything possible to maximize control in your lawn.

The American Mosquito Control Association
Georgia Mosquito Control Association


Mosquito Safeguard is a proud member and supporter of the American Mosquito Control Association and the Georgia Mosquito Control Association.



Mosquito Safeguard is thrilled to be an exclusive provider of the In-2-Care Biocide system for the Savannah area. The In-2-Care system is only available commercially through certified pest control operators like us!!

Professional, Effective, Safe, Eco-Friendly Pest Control and Turf Management Services in Savannah, GA

Mosquito Control is our specialty, customer satisfaction, peace of mind, and an enjoyable green space is our goal. We are also the solution for your lawn pest, weed control, and lawn fertilization needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with us to receive a complimentary estimate on our mosquito control, turf management, or lawn pest services! Please fill out the form below or call us at 912-433-0551, and we will return your inquiry within 24 hours.

Savannah's Trusted Source for Mosquito Control, Weeds, and More...

Mosquito Safeguard is a professional outdoor pest control company servicing Savannah, Richmond Hill, Pooler, the Islands, and surrounding areas.  Created as an additional offering from our parent company, Coastal Lawn Worx LLC, Mosquito Safeguard has grown into a stand alone division and is now at the forefront of our business.


What we offer is a comprehensive approach to controlling mosquitos in your lawn.  Following the principles of integrated pest management, we have developed programs to help rid your outdoor space of pesky, disease prone mosquitos.  Our state licensed applicator, the owner himself, will evaluate your property, locate and resolve breeding sites, identify the types of pests present, and then proceed with the best solution to combat eggs, larvae, and adult mosquitoes. 


While many other providers simply spray a singular pesticide and walk away, we take the time to reduce problem areas, educate the property owner, and use a mix of treatment options specific to your lawn and pest needs.


Mosquito Safeguard offers traditional barrier treatments at 21 day frequencies, organic applications at a biweekly frequency, and our latest addition of a monthly IN-2-Care biocide trap for sensitive garden areas to even further protect the bees, butterflies, and blooming plants.


Additionally, Mosquito Safeguard programs help to elimate fleas and ticks, while also offering temporary relief from gnats, no see-ums, and other soft shelled insects.


We couldn't just stop with mosquitos!  Mosquito Safeguard also offers treatments and solution for common lawn pests of Georgia.  We love to tackle fire ants.  The red imported fire ant is found all over our coastal area and ,when disturbed, deliver a painful and irritable bite to anyone close by.  We offer a complete yard broadcast treatment and mound eliminator that is guaranteed for one year! Yes, one full year of protection from fire ants!


Other pest control options include tackling mole crickets, ticks, turf worms, grubs, and chinch bugs!


Don't forget about your turf, ornamental beds, and overall landscape!  Mosquito Safeguard offers fertilization, weed control, plant bed weed control, and shrub and tree care.  We also provide services to help your soil and turf like liquid aeration, soil ammendments, micro nutrients, top dressing, dethatching, and bio stimulants!